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Over 707,445 YouTube videos powered by QDOMU
Get Your YouTube Video Seen By The Right Audience.
See higher viewer engagement with more comments, likes and subscribers.
QDOMU vs. Standard Ads
6 Reasons for Organic QDOMU Campaigns
Organic Long-term Results
Ads run directly on YouTube itself and deliver to a targeted audience based on your requirements. See organic growth even when the campaign ends, the views and engagement will continue to grow.
YouTube Partner
Become a YouTube Partner with a single campaign. See real growth with high watch-time from engaged viewers and more subscribers to qualify for the YouTube Partnership Program.

If you are already a YouTube Partner, see high RPM and ROI from your campaigns by targeting engaged viewers from the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom or worldwide based on your target locations.

Real Likes & Comments
See real same-day results from the smallest campaigns of 10,000 targeted views up to 1 million views. The sooner you start your Qdomu campaign after you upload, the better your video will perform for the YouTube algorithm and reach thousands of views beyond the campaign. Experience true organic growth, thousands more likes and comments, and reach thousands of new subscribers guaranteed.
More Fans and Digital Sales
When creating your campaign, you can specify exactly how you wish to optimize your campaign. Whether you want to promote your product or YouTube channel, our easy-to-use Creator Studio makes it simple to optimize your campaign and achieve the results you want.

Go Viral
You created an amazing video and you want to get the recognition it deserves. We understand how to create a dazzling ad that catches the viewer's eye that will best showcase your work, which will draw and retain viewers and keep them watching. Here at Qdomu, our clients enjoy priority ad placement that offers the best results that can lead to a true viral video experience.
#1 Video Ranking
Video ranking is important and with solid viewer engagement it can lead you to more fans and sales from your YouTube video. Qdomu offers excellent tools for you to create an effective ad campaign that drives real targeted fans to your video. Targeted fans means more engagement that will give your video better ranking on YouTube, which can lead you to reaching millions of viewers worldwide.
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Whether you are a creator, vlogger, business or an artist, we can get your video the exposure it deserves.

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